Founded thirty years ago by Dr. N. G. Berrill, NY Forensic specializes in providing comprehensive psycho-legal services to those involved in the criminal justice system as well as those agencies responsible for law enforcement, offender management, attorneys(both defense and prosecution), and the courts. We offer a wide-range of diagnostic and treatment services as well as psychological, neuropsychological, and sex offender-specific treatment (e.g., clinical polygraphy, actuarial risk assessment, and psycho-pharmacological intervention) to address the needs of our referral sources as well our patients.


NY Forensic stands apart from other mental health practices in the NY/Metropolitan area by offering clinical and forensic services in three separate locations (i.e., Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island). Further, all clinical work is directly supervised by the Director of the practice, Dr. N.G. Berrill, who is board certified and has trained extensively in the provision of forensic psychological assessment/treatment services for over 30 years. NY Forensic has a long track record of working with attorneys, the U.S. Department of Probation, and Pre-Trial Services, as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals embroiled in the criminal justice system.

NY Forensic conducts comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to the legal community. We have provided evidence-based risk assessments, personality profiling, as well as psychological testing to address a wide range of criminal and mental health concerns for over two decades. NY Forensic has provided mental health and forensic services to the U.S. Department of Probation as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Dr. Berrill has consulted with the FBI, and Homeland Security on cases related to organized crime, sexual predators, and terrorism.

NY Forensic offers highly professional clinical and forensic psychological services, diagnostic evaluations, written reports as well as expert testimony in state and federal courts related to civil and criminal matters. NY Forensic is a highly respected group practice providing services in the NY/Metropolitan area and throughout the country--known for comprehensive forensic evaluations and clinical treatment that focuses on the unique needs of their clients and patients.

We seek contracts that offer the opportunity to apply our expertise in areas such as evaluating fitness for duty, providing mental health services to military personnel, law enforcement, trauma victims, and critical incident debriefing In addition, NY Forensic has provided evaluations of abnormal/violent behavior in the workplace, assessment, treatment, and psychoeducational services for individuals suffering from psychological trauma as well as traumatic brain injuries(TBI) for those in The NY/Metropolitan area, including Long Island. We also provide consultation throughout the country.

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